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2015 Worldwide Dressage Tests

by Sean Kelley last modified 2015-04-16 18:46

Get the 2011, 2014, and newer 2015 USDF and FEI dressage tests. American tests and FEI tests to be used beginning Dec 1, 2014. Choose levels introductory through fourth or FEI. The US eventing tests are new for 2014 too.

2011, 2014, and 2015 Dressage Tests

Have some 8.5" by 14" (legal) paper ready to print. Save some paper by printing two-sided if your printer does double sided printing or print one side then flip you paper and run through a second time.

2015 Dressage Tests

Start using Dec 1, 2014

Introductory Level

USDF Introductory Test A
USDF Introductory Test B
USDF Introductory Test C

Training Level

USEF Training Level Test 1
USEF Training Level Test 2
USEF Training Level Test 3

First Level

USEF First Level Test 1
USEF First Level Test 2
USEF First Level Test 3

Second Level

USEF Second Level Test 2
USEF Second Level Test 2
USEF Second Level Test 3

Third Level

USEF Third Level Test 1
USEF Third Level Test 2
USEF Third Level Test 3

Fourth Level

USEF Fourth Level Test 1
USEF Fourth Level Test 2
USEF Fourth Level Test 3

FEI Level

Get the current FEI tests here.

Print 2014 Eventing Dressage Tests

Eventing Dressage Tests