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Jochen Hennig dressage saddles for sale hand made by Hennig of Berlin Germany. These saddles are custom made and offered used. Typical models include Classic, Princess, and Sofa. Hennig saddles trees can be adjusted by a certified Hennig saddler.

Member Saddles

Hennig Dressage Saddle 17.5 MW

Hennig dressage saddle for sale Hennig is sized 17.5: Good condition, deep seat, external thigh block, fresh wool flocking Dressage Saddle Details

Custom Hennig Dressage Saddle

Hennig dressage saddle for sale Hennig is sized 16.5: We purchased this Hennig dressage saddle from Hennig himself while on a trip to Germany. He had custom made it new for someone else who did not pick it up. It ... Dressage Saddle Details

Hennig Sofa Princess 17.5" Long flap

Hennig is sized 17.5: The extremely comfortable fully custom Hennig Sofa Princess sells new for over $6000.00. This used model is in very good condition, the knee rolls have been ... Dressage Saddle Details

Saddle For Sale

Hennig dressage saddle for sale Hennig is sized 19.0: A great saddle for anyone Dressage Saddle Details

WANTED: Newer Hennig Sofa Princess Monoflap Saddle

Hennig is sized 17.5: Looking for a newer Hennig Sofa Princess Monoflap dressage saddle; 17.5", longer flaps, 3/4 exposed block Dressage Saddle Details

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