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New and used Schleese dressage saddles for sale-Ostergaard Custom Wave Supreme JES Jess Elite Jaine Savoie Wave Elite Infinity Link

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Schleese triumph

Schleese dressage saddle for sale Schleese is sized 17.5: Schleese triumph. Bought new 2.5 years ago so it has ony had one owner. Saddle is in great condition with minimal wear. Currently a medium fit, adjustable to ... Dressage Saddle Details

Schleese Obrigado dressage saddle

Schleese is sized 17.5: Brand new, bought March 2014. Incredible shoulder freedom. Great saddle for Baroque horses. See for detailed description. Paid $7120. When ... Dressage Saddle Details

Schleese Monoflap Connexion Dressage Saddle 18"

Schleese dressage saddle for sale Schleese is sized 18.0: This 18" Schleese Monoflap dressage saddle is the ultimate in close contact, offering a narrow twist and adjustable knee blocks for optimum placement. Shoulder ... Dressage Saddle Details

Schleese Derby 17", super comfortable, great condition

Schleese is sized 17.0: Everyone who rides my horse(s), loves this saddle! But I need a 16.5 and finally found one, a Schleese of course. The tree is currently set at a M/MW but can ... Dressage Saddle Details

2012 Schleese Link II, barely Used

Schleese dressage saddle for sale Schleese is sized 17.5: Barely used Schleese Link II Dressage Saddle with leathers and irons. #2 tree. Short flaps. Dressage Saddle Details

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