3rd Level Pinto Friesian Sporthorse

Friesian stallion for sale
dressage horse trained to third level
dressage horse for sale in Indiana United States
Pinto stallion
Pinto horse

Gender: Stallion

Age: 8

Size: 16.3 Hands

Color: Pinto

Breed: Friesian

Sire: Sire – Adonai (Pinto Sporthorse)

Dam: Sike (Friesian)


Train level: Fourth Level

Shown level: Third Level

Price: For Sale: $85,000 USD

Details: He is POWER. He is STRENGTH. He is NOBLE. He is PROUD. Ezra is truly something out of a fairy tale! This special stallion is a 2012, 16.3H, Pinto Friesian Sporthorse stallion competing 3rd level, schooling 4th level, playing with the piaffe and passage, and starting to learn some tricks like the Spanish walk and how to bow! Stays soft and supple in a double bridle and a snaffle. Safe for beginners and for trails, flashy and fun for the competition arena! This horse is humbling in his raw power and athleticism! He is regal and proud and full of confidence! Handsome and charming he struts through life without a care in the world, he is truly something special! Unique in style and type, he carries some well-known and legendary bloodlines (Nico x Leffert x Oege x Samber) from both the Friesian and Warmblood worlds. His color and the Dutch Warmblood genes comes from Samber The only KWPN Pinto approved stallion. Very Friesian in appearance, Ezra is stunning with his glorious mane and forelock and feathers, as well as showcasing the powerful movement and knee action and hind end that the breed is known for! The dash of Dutch Warmblood present in his pedigree adds an extra spark and swiftness to his work ethic and under saddle abilities! Proudly offered for sale! More about Ezra’s bloodlines Ezra is 7/8 Friesian and 1/8 Dutch Warmblood Sire – Adonai (Pinto Sporthorse) Dam – Sike (Friesian)


State: Indiana

Country: United States

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Seller name: Melissa Ashcraft

Farm: Transitions Equestrian Center

Web: Web Site

Phone: (219) 778 - 9592

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