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1/1/20 Edited dressage test calculators to reflect USDF and FEI test changes. FEI eventing coefficients area may still need updating.
10/24/19 Updated test links 5/18/18 Updated privacy policy and cookie policy. You must now agree those and terms of service. Click Account => Edit to check those choices.
5/20/16 added the ability to add Vimeo videos to play in ads (along with Youtube)
5/17/16 fixed bug on junior fei test calculator for second error
5/17/16 upated FEI test links to new 2016 modifications (error handling)
4/26/16 Added number pad pop-up to dressage test calcular for score input
4/23/16 Fixed some ad listing thumbnail photo display issues
3/19/16 Dynamic Search added for horse and saddle ads

1/29/16 Changed Dressage Test Calculators dressage test calculator to incorporate FEI rule change for errors.

11/15 Added Dressage Test Calculator for latest 2016 dressage tests
11/15 Now require seller to login to pay for ad
7/15- renewal discount added for horses
7/15- site speed improvements
7/15- Added notification for days left in ad.
6/24/15- Pay with PayPal added- ads are live immediately after payment.
6/23/15- Added a persistent menu (breed, maker, price, etc) to stay at top of page when scrolling.
6/23/15- Ad counters at bottom of page are now visible only to logged in owner.

    The site is now fully encrypted.
  1. Security for all viewing and site browsing for all users- not just payments.
  2. New members must confirm account
  3. Requiring new members to confirm accounts significantly limits spammers/scammers ability to contact sellers with bogus accounts
    We are now using a private messaging system.
  1. No more direct email from buyers provides more protection from unwanted messages.
  2. Buyers must now log in to send messages to sellers
  3. Sellers: Be sure to add your phone number to ads so buyers have more ways to contact you if they do not want to join the site to send messages.
    The site now diplays equally well on all devices including desktops, phones, and tablets.
  1. Image uploading is easy and fast- even on phones.
  2. Images are stored in the cloud for fast uploads and display
  3. Your ads get more mobile search traffic from mobile users.
  1. Ads are now live immediately after payment.
  1. More photos and videos now allowed
  2. Larger photos
  3. Larger videos fit your screen
  1. Google maps for horses and saddles
    Ad Counters
  1. Counters now for both horses and saddles
  2. Counters reset on site update (June 2015)
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