Twelfth Hour (Tessa)
Dutch Warmblood mare for sale
dressage horse trained to second level
dressage horse for sale in Texas United States

Gender: Mare

Age: 18

Size: 16.0 Hands

Color: Bay

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Sire: Wellington

Dam: Liscannor

Registries: Royal WPN

Train level: First Level

Shown level: Second Level

Price: For Sale: $3,000 USD

Details: Twelfth Hour (Tessa) is a quiet mare looking to breed, trail ride or do lower level dressage. Due to a torn suspensory tendon in her back leg (rehabbed and cleared for riding), she will have to stay lower level dressage. Quiet enough for kids, beginners or someone looking to relax and enjoy a quiet ride. Talented enough for flying lead changes, subtle leg cues and a quiet hand. Pictured below are my kids and me. Tessa loves when my son grooms her, my daughter likes to ride her bare back and a friend of mine adores going on trail rides. With 5 teenagers, teaching full time and the mud apocalypse, she deserves someone who wants and can give her a daily job. Super easy maintenance but needs shoes.


State: Texas

Country: United States

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