Passier dressage saddle for sale

Passier Dressage Saddle For Sale

Maker: Passier

Year: 2014

Seat Size: 17.5 in

Tree Size: adjustable

Price: 2700 USD

Color: black

Sirius Dressage Saddle (from Passier) As the first saddle with the frt-System®, the Sirius Dressage Saddle guarantees that the horse’s shoulder is able to rotate completely freely. The benefits of this are manifested in a variety of different ways: Horses ridden in the Sirius saddle are more relaxed and content, and riders also report a particularly calm and harmonious sitting sensation. Furthermore the Sirius Dressage Saddle convinces by its comfortable, deep seat, elegant patent leather trim, a variable selection of Velcro supports, freedom panels and the beneficial V-girth arrangement. Leather Seat and knee insert: Jupa leather, trim at front and back: Patent leather Features PS saddle tree with frt-System®, deep seat, choice of large, broad or narrow, high thigh supports with Velcro, gusset at front, V-girth arrangement, freedom panels Saddle was made in 2014 but not purchased until late 2016. One owner, like new! Barely able to discern at thee bottom of the flaps that stirrups were ever used. Patent leather offers an element of sophistication in the show ring. Selling only because its owner was sold. Offered $1000. less than list!


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