Selling Your Dressage Horse? Start With The Video!

Lights, camera, action! The horse sales video is a requirement in todays competitive horse selling market.
As a horse seller you can stand out above the competition with a good sales video of your horse.

Think like a dressage horse buyer when you are selling your horse.

I am asked on a regular basis to evaluate dressage horses offered for sale.  Perhaps the owner or trainer is thinking of consigning the horse with us or they want to know if we have buyers for it.   More often than not, I do not have enough information to answer the  questions they have about their horse specifically.  

If you were a horse buyer what would be the most important piece of information you would like to know about a prospective horse for sale.  Would it be the written description of the horse, the photos,  or a video?

All things being equal and of adequate quality, I will pick the video EVERY time!

Here's why.  When writing about a horse for sale, many sellers talk about the things that they think are important about their horse, and about dressage horses in general.   For example, they may tell you the horse has FEI potential, upper level potential, or grand prix potential.  That is their opinion, or probably more likely just an attempt at 'selling.' 

Nobody cares what you think about your horse!

I am sorry to be blunt but it's true.  A dressage horse buyer does not want to know your opinions, they want to see for them selves what the horse is all about.  They want to know things like the history of a horse's health and its record of any unsafe behavior. 

Dressage horse buyers want the following information about your horse

Talking to you gives them a lot of insight into what the horse is all about.  Photos can show the horse's conformation, and show how attractive the horse is, but the video can show all of this and more.  A video can incorporate stills, can show gaits, conformation,  disposition, lameness, and show performance.

The  horse sales video is the new photo!

It used to be that people did not even contact a horse seller if there was no photos in a horse ad.  Now many don't bother contacting sellers if there is no video to see.  If you are one of those people who places ads with no photos, I have news for you.  You are wasting your time and money.  This fact is becoming more true of ads without videos now more than ever before.

Personally, I have given up on requesting videos of horses for sale a rule.  Often, you get no response from the seller, you receive a bad video, you have to wait for it to crawl through the mail, and the horse is almost never what I want anyway.

Quick tips on dressage horse sales videos

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